Cataclysm (Four Horsemen Book 4) by Sarah Bailey

This is the forth and final book in the Four Horsemen series.

Drake Ackley – Death.

They call us the men who will drive the world to its knees.
The Four Horsemen.
A pity for them really.
Prescott, West, Francis and I are done with our masks of civility.
Gods who turned on their subjects.

When you unleash death, nothing can withstand it. Everything perishes in the wake of the executioner. The only things left to show for it are ash and dust.

We had allowed our enemies to take from us for far too long. The tables had finally turned. Our woman had arrived to usher in the end.

Scarlett was the catalyst. The fuse.
The match was burning. Time was running out.
And we were about to bring war to the man who stole her from us all those years ago.

This series has been brilliant. I absolutely love the characters and the storyline has been brilliant.

I have loved Scarlett’s development through the series. She’s grown immensely as a character, taking who she was in the last ten years and blending it with her returned memories. She’s strong and fierce.

The boys are all brilliant. I love them all, and yet they are all so different. Scarlett brings out the best in them all. It was great to see Drake finally lower his walls for her and embrace this love towards her. Prescott and Francis are both so lovely, and West, our little psycho has a heart. It was brilliant to see him and Scarlett repair the damage that the last ten years did.

I loved watching them get their revenge and justice. They took everyone down and showed no mercy. They truly were the Four Horsemen with their goddess, Nyx.

The scenes were all smoking hot, and one in particular definitely isn’t for the faint hearted. I found it I far more hotter than I should have.

I enjoyed the ending and seeing everyone find their happiness and closure. They all embraced the fact that they were a family. It was a good satisfying ending.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this series. It has been brilliant to read and I’ve proper binge read it. The characters are brilliant and the storyline it great.

My rating: 5/5*

Corrode (Four Horsemen Book 3) by Sarah Bailey

This is the third book in the Four Horsemen series.

Francis Beaufort – Famine.

They say you shouldn’t hoard your wealth.
Those people know nothing of the power it brings.
Drake, West, Prescott and I are untouchable.
The men known as the Four Horsemen.
Gods ruling over our kingdom.

There are some secrets in this world greater than others. Our fifth was going to find that out the hard way.

Scarlett thought she knew why she’d come back, but she had no idea what lay in the dark recesses of her memories.

It started when we returned her to our sides. When we let desire fuel our needs. And it will end when the truth comes to light.

I am absolutely loving this series. I love the characters and the storyline is great.

I love Scarlett and it was great to see her get her memories back. I’ve been eager to find out what happened that night, and now we know. I love how she’s dealing with everything and I’m glad that she put the boys in their place.

I love each of the boys and I loved seeing them earn her forgiveness. Prescott and Francis are so sweet, and yet they can become animals in the bedroom. It great that they know exactly what she needs. I love her relationship with West as well. Drake has taken the longest to build a proper relationship with her, but his stone walls were definitely broken in this book. Each of them has a great connection to her as well as with each other. The scenes were all insanely hot as well.

I’m enjoying the storyline and watching them get start to get their revenge and justice for the past ten years. After the ending, I’m intrigued about how the boys are going to handle things.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it.

My rating: 5/5*