Tall, Dark and Rich

Tall, Dark, and Rich Anthology is out now!

Grab your copy before the price goes up.
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Money, suits and style.

Possessive, dominant, and used to getting their way.

Tall, dark and rich.

These powerful men will stop at nothing to claim the women they want. From boardrooms to bedrooms, these billionaires live a life of luxury and excess, but it’s the women who captivate them and hold their hearts.

Follow the journeys of these powerful men as they navigate the turbulent waters of love, lust, and power while they explore their deepest desires.

My story, Fallen Prey is featured in it.

Here’s the description:

It’s not every day that a stranger knocks you to the floor at the airport. When that stranger turns out to be the most handsome man you’ve ever laid eyes on, you’d be stupid to turn down a date with him. He took my number and promised to ring me.

Plans changed when he walked through the doors of my new workplace the next morning.

Yeah, Mr Handsome Stranger is my billionaire boss.
I couldn’t go there.
No way.
Except his gifts of persuasion made it impossible to say no.

It turns out that he’s upset a lot of people with his playboy lifestyle and ruthless business deals. Unfortunately, someone doesn’t want us to be happy together.

Luckily for me, this billionaire has teeth and he sure isn’t afraid to use them. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can sure help to keep the wolves away.

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