Resonance (The Game is Life Book 9) by Terry Schott

This is the 9th book in The Game is Life series.

Are thousands of orbs, with each containing a reality housing billions of souls, about to burn out and die?

Can Trew find his daughter, or will everything he has sacrificed be for nothing?

And what impact will a young scientist who believes that his reality exists inside of a computer simulation make on his world?

I absolutely love this series, and this book was great to read. It led on from the previous books and added to The Game world.

The whole series is well thought out and great to read. All the characters are great and their own storylines add to the bigger picture, the Trew to the old man, and Cooper to Samson. They are all necessary characters.

With each new reality and revelation comes more questions. It gets confusing to follow at times, but they eventually work out with questions answered.

I would definitely recommend this series, however the individual books will make zero sense unless they are all read in order. They are definitely worth the effort though and will make you question your own existence.

My rating: 5/5*

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