Demon of Mine (The Devil Heart Boys Book 1) by Caroline Peckham

This is there first book in the series although it can be read as a standalone as well.

Jack Mandeville just became my worst enemy and cruellest nightmare.
He hates the world.
Hates blondes.
But most of all, he hates me.

The worst thing about all of that? I have to live with him.

When my life falls apart and I’m taken in by the father of the devil himself in one of the most prestigious parts of London, I quickly discover there’s something seriously strange about Mandeville Place. Something supernatural.

My dreams are disturbed by dark spirits. And it sounds totally mad, but I’m certain something in this house is pushing me toward the boy who’s sworn to make my life a living hell if I don’t keep away from him.

Avoiding him at school is not easy. Him and his intimidating friends run this place, including every student and teacher in it. They’ve already turned the whole school against me and I know if I step a toe out of line things are going to get much worse.

I have to figure out what the ghostly presence in the house is trying to tell me. But that means discovering how far Jack will go to keep me away.

I enjoyed reading this book. It had a good mix of paranormal, mystery and romance. The story was great, the plot developed well and the characters were great.

Elle was a good character. She went through so much, yet managed to stay strong and came out of it better. She learnt things about herself which she didn’t even know.

Jack was also a great character. We saw him go in a full circle. The tough jerk who evidently has a soft side.

The romance between them was great to see develop. From hate to love.

I also enjoyed the paranormal mystery involved. Crime, demons and ghosts. This book had it all.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book.

My rating: 5/5*

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