When Death is Calling: Whisper of Demon by Henry Taba

This is the second book in the series.

He found his love. But a demon is whispering to him. He must redeem what he loved.

Westcliffe Patel, an orphan from a small town—Sagepond, has spent half of his life wandering alone. He thought, to prevent someone from leaving him, he should never have invited them into his life from the start. However, things changed—he found his love. Just when he thought life might get better, a whisper haunted him. To prevent his lover from becoming the next victim, he killed the demon. Soon, he realizes the target mark used by the demon to mark its prey was never erased, or maybe the demon never died. In his desperation to unveil the truth, he must deal with his past and his own insecurities.

This book was good. The characters are good and the storyline is enjoyable.

Westcliffe is a good main character. His character development led on well from the first. It nice to see how his relationship with Adel has grown and nice to see how he is dealing with her having the mark.

I liked Benson in this book too. He is dealing with his loss of Mary and I liked the fact he always seemed to have a level head and to be the voice of reason

The storyline in this book was good. It was interesting to see them go into Herocus’s world. The descriptions were good and I liked the idea behind their weapons to use against Harocus. I liked how they developed from the first.

Unfortunately though, it just didn’t grab me as much as the first book did. At a few points, I was a little lost on where the story was at and personally, I think it was because of the tense it was written in. I think the story would have probably flowed better if it was in first person. This is probably more of a personal preference though.

I would recommend that it is made clear in the title and description that this is a sequel. It’s only really mentioned on the front cover which could be easily missed online.

Overall, it is a good story and I think if you read the first book and like that, you’d get on well with this book.

I would recommend it, although it just didn’t quite grab me as much as I would have liked.

My rating: 3/5*

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