Zodiac Academy 3: The Reckoning by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

This is the third book in the Supernatural Bullies and Beasts series.

The answer to your question will be revealed on the Lunar Eclipse.

But when finding the truth, don’t let the shadows take you.

The week of The Reckoning has begun. And senior students have been tasked with making the freshmen’s lives pure hell as they prepare to take their fateful assessment.

With the Lunar Eclipse on the horizon, Tory and Darcy have more to worry about than just passing their exams. A dark plot is unfolding and the shadows are drawing closer…

I love this series and I think it’s a masterpiece.

The characters are brilliant. The storyline is fantastic and it is written so well.

Darcy and Tory are brilliant. They have their similarities, especially being twins, and yet there are differences which make them both unique.

Lance Orion and Darcy are everything in this book. I absolutely love their relationship and I’m totally routing for them. Reading their relationship towards eachother develop had me feeling excited as they are just so suited.

I think with Tory, that Darius is better matched with her. Caleb is generally the nicer guy, and I love reading their relationship grow, but I’m finding myself routing for Darius more.

I think the 4 guys have their point of views every so often makes you feel differently towards them. It doesn’t make what they do any better, but it puts an understanding to their actions. So getting inside Darius’s head is probably why I’m routing for him with Tory. There’s so much more to him than mets the eye and I feel that theirs more emotions between him and Tory as oppose to with Caleb.

The storyline was brilliant and the plot developed at a good pace. I just love the world building behind it all. You can really picture everything playing out in your mind. I’m glad we have got to see the girls Order’s too.

I would absolutely and completely recommend this series. It’s one of the best that I’ve read this year. It gets you completely invested in the characters and story.

I can’t wait for the next book.

My rating: 5/5*

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  1. This is awesome, JessReviews! Thank you for sharing! I have one question for you! One scale from 1 to 10, how important is reading for you?

    1. I’d say 10, because I couldn’t imagine not reading, and especially so since I write. I think it’s more important that I read because I enjoy it though.

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