Savage Fae (Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac Book 2) by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

This is the second book in the Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac series.

There’s more to my brother’s murder than I realised…

Shadows in the halls, mysteries lurking around every corner.

Whoever killed him is covering their tracks well.

And now I’m walking a dangerous line between getting close to the four kings for information and wanting to crawl deeper under their skin for my own desires.

I can’t trust anyone.

I can’t let my guard down.

And I must keep the urges of my body separate from my heart.

But I’m starting to break all of my own rules.

I just hope I’m not falling for my brother’s killer

I love this world. This series is a spin off of the Zodiac Academy series. It’s great to see this side of it, the rougher class compared to the upper class of Zodiac Academy.

The characters are brilliant, the storyline is great and the plot is developing well.

I love Elise. She’s such a strong character. Strong in strength and strong willed. I’m enjoying reading her journey in investing her brothers death.

The boys are great too. We’re starting to see the depths of them in this book. I quite like them all now although I would like to see her give in to Gabriel more.

The storyline is great. There’s a bigger plot unravelling with the Black Card and with what happened to her at the end of the last book, but also with both the gangs and the end of this book.

Her brothers death might be driving her, and may be whaf she’s looking for, but there is far more to the story. I’m starting to think that all 4 of them didn’t murder Gareth.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this series. The world building is incredible. The characters are great and the storyline is enjoyable to read.

My rating: 5/5*

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