The Light to my Darkness by Ivy Smoak

This is the first book in this series set around 3 years after The Hunted Series.

I fell in love with the handsome stranger the first time I ever saw him. A chance encounter on a rainy fall day. And I know he felt the same way. Until suddenly…he didn’t.

In the blink of an eye, I lost everything. He stays out late. Hides phone calls. But what hurts the most? He looks at me differently. Like I’m no longer the most important person in his life.

I’m determined to get to the bottom of it. Because it’s not just me I have to protect anymore. And it’s because of him that we’re in danger…

This book was brilliant. After reading The Hunted Series, it hit the feels.

I absolutely love James and Penny. It was brilliant to see them 3 years on, with their kid and with Penny carrying her second.

God, James is just brilliant. I love him. He’s almost perfect. Even 3 years on, and there’s still that spark between them both. Penny is going through alot with this second pregnancy. I love how caring James is towards her.

Scarlet is sweet and all, but personally, it reminds me why I’d rather be surrounded by cats 🙄

I loved seeing how everyone else has settled down. Rob and Daphne, Bee and Mason, and everyone else.

The ending though. God, this book hit the emotions. I feel so sorry for James and Penny and I’m really hoping everything works out ok in the end.

I would definitely recommend this book, but I’d recommend reading The Hunted Series first. I’m looking forward to reading the next.

My rating/ 5/5*

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