Mending Fate (The Scottish Billionaire book 3) by M. S. Parker

This is the third and final book in The Scottish Billionaire series.

Alec: I shared my deepest secret with Lumen, hoping things will be better between us. But I can’t catch a break. My life blows up again when my daughter goes missing.

Lumen: To say all hell broke loose is an understatement. When Alec’s daughter went missing, so did Soleil, the girl I mentor in foster care. It stung when Alec said finding his daughter is more important than some random runaway. But that’s just one more person telling me I don’t matter.

With people they love in danger, Lumen and Alec must decide where their loyalties lie and hope for a future together.

I really enjoyed reading this book. The characters are great and the storyline was good. It was a good ending to the series.

Lumin and Alec’s relationship and connection has been brilliant to read. They are both brilliant characters. Alec was a little frustrating at the beginning. He didn’t understand why Lumin was more worried about Soleil. He obviously needed to put his daughter first, but what he said to Lumin was unnecessary. Lumin had every right to be mad at him.

I loved it when his brothers put him straight. His family were all great. Lumin and Alec were brilliant after they sorted things out, and their connection was on fire.

I enjoyed Soleil’s story in this book. What she went through was terrible, and what Lumin did in return was great.

The ending was brilliant. I loved seeing how everyone ended up and it was the perfect ending for everyone. They all deserved to be a happy family.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this series. The characters are great and the storyline is good. It’s an easy read.

My rating: 5/5*

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