Ruled by Magic (Ruled By Magic Book 1) by Zara J Black

This is the first book in the series.

To earn my freedom, I must submit.

I’m facing years in prison. My crime? Exposing the sordid secrets of Dexia’s magical elite. In my oppressive territory, mages hold all the power, magical tech is outlawed, and sexuality is repressed.

At my sentencing I expect a bored judge, but instead I get a crowd, reporters, and a handsome mage everyone seems to fear. He makes me kneel at his feet, and offers me a deal. Serve six months as his plaything, and leave a free woman. Shame burns through me, but I accept.

He’s Leopold Rahl, Dexia’s new Lord Commander, the strongest mage in living memory. He’s hunted me for months. He means to see me punished.

And I’ve fallen right into his trap.

I enjoyed reading this book. The characters were good and I enjoyed the storyline.

I liked Liv. She was a strong character and you kind of understood her reasoning for going through with everything. She was strong to cope with everything.

Leo was quite a complex character. He treated her horribly at the beginning with all if the humiliation. Yes, he had his reasoning, but he quickly learnt that what she did wasn’t out of malice. I enjoyed seeing him slowly change and seeing his feelings slowly develop.

The storyline was good, although the world building could have been a little clearer. We were thrown into how non-mages and mages were in society and how women were expected to dress. A little more explanation would have made why Leo dressed Liv the way he did more clear and why it was humiliating. You still get the idea eventually though.

It was nice when Leo and Liv established their feelings for once another. Liv enjoyed how he used her body and he knew it, but it meant more when there were feelings involved. As much as he enjoyed humiliating her, he understood that she didn’t like it. After the ending, I would love to know how they both progressed. How much freedom did Leo give her after everything? How did things change after what happened and his newfound status? It leaves you wanting to read the rest of the series knowing that book 3 will conclude them as well as the characters in book 2.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book. The characters were great and storyline was good.

My rating: 5/5*

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