Tyrant (The Villetti Chronicles Book 1) by Sarah Bailey

This is the first book in the Villetti Chronicles.

What would you do if you killed someone?

Normal people wouldn’t go running to the prodigal son of a mafia kingpin for help.
I’m not exactly normal.

The daughter of a gang leader embroiled in a turf war. One that has me caught in the crossfire. When you have nowhere else to turn, who better to protect you than someone your own father will never suspect.

Zayn Villetti isn’t a man I should make a deal with. Especially not one involving becoming his little pet.
He demands I obey him in all things.
I’ve never been one to submit.

I have a feeling the man I’ve known most of my life will be my downfall. With his obligations to his family and my presence throwing his world into disarray. My question is… will I be his?

I absolutely loved reading this book. the characters were fantastic and the storyline was great.

I love Zayn. Christ, that man was perfect. He was demanding, tough and dark, and yet he was everything. He gave everything to Ari. He loved hard and would literally burn the world down for her. What isn’t perfect about that?

Ari was a great character. She pushed his buttons in the right way and grew to understand him. I loved watching her feelings slowly grow towards him, developing from platonic to sexual. It was brilliant when he finally gave in. I quite liked the daddy dynamic. It suited Zayn’s personality and Ari melted into the role well. He liked her pushing his buttons and she enjoyed his retaliation. The ending was good as well and I liked what he offered her. It was perfect for them.

The story was great from her murder at the beginning, to his family and father. It brought Zayn and Ari closer together. They both needed each other. As I said, he would burn down the world down for her.

Overall, I absolutely loved this story. The characters were brilliant and the plot developed well. I’m looking forward to reading the next book about his brother. I would definitely recommend this book.

My rating: 5/5*

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