Joined By Magic (Ruled By Magic Book 3) by Zara J Black

This is the third and final book in the Ruled by Magic series.


I’m Prince Adante’s prized possession, his to punish, train and protect. And he’s lost everything except me.

Hiding in a strange country, he’s plotting revenge. But I get a taste of freedom, and an offer that seems too good to be true. When I discover a hidden underworld, the chance for a new life opens up, but there’s a downside.

The prince isn’t part of the deal.


I’m Leo’s good girl. His beautiful toy. And I’m hopelessly in love with my former captor.

Fighting for a place in a society that doesn’t want me, I walk a tightrope between obedience and a life of my own.

A reckless gamble leads me into danger and rips away the last shreds of my old life. I’m caught between two countries, and a target in both.

Who can I trust when every ally holds a knife behind their back?

I absolutely loved this book. The characters are fantastic and I loved the story.

It was fantastic seeing both couples stories come together in this book.

I loved Leo since the first book, but Adante grew on me in the second. Seeing the differences in how Leo treated Liv in comparison to Adante and Talia in this book just made me love Leo more. I actually felt a little sorry for Talia, especially when she saw Leo willing to put Liv first. Comparing them, Talia really had little freedom, even when they were on the run. Adante treated her as a possession.

I think both women were brilliant. Both were strong and independent, yet obeyed their men, especially in the bedroom. Of course, Adante was far more demanding and didn’t really give Talia much choice until nearer the end. It was great seeing his feelings develop and I loved seeing him realise that he loved her.

I loved seeing both of their relationships grow and develop. Both had come so far. I enjoyed seeing Liv and Talia grow and find their positions in the world. Of course, it was probably a little easier for Liv because Leo was willing to do anything for her. It took Adante a lot longer to treat Talia as an equal.

The story was good and I loved how it developed. I loved seeing Adante learn the truth and actually accept what Leo said to him. It was nice to see both men working together.

I felt sorry for Adante when he thought that he lost Talia, but I also think that he needed it. It made him realise that he loved her and I absolutely loved seeing him finally admit it to her. He had a fantastic character growth and I loved seeing him change things for the better at the end.

The spice was brilliant and I loved how dominant both men were. I also loved how they incorporated their magic into the bedroom.

The epilogue was fantastic. I loved seeing both couples in the future and seeing everyone get their happy ending. It was also great to see them still in contact with one another.

Overall, this series is fantastic. Everything came together in this book and I loved seeing where everyone’s stories ended up. It was the perfect ending to a great series. I would definitely recommend it.

My rating: 5/5*

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