Fifty-Six by Seven Rue

This is a standalone book.

Guys my age didn’t know how to treat me right. Girls my age would never understand how powerful a woman can feel being adored by older men. And men twice, even triple my age could never say no to me. Not even Riggs. Thirty-eight years my senior, rough, short-tempered, and an alpha type. I liked being in control in every situation, but he made it hard. He challenged me while I kept teasing, wanting to push not only his, but my own limits. And when the most unexpected thing occurred, Riggs showed me just how much he hated the games I played.

I really enjoyed reading this book. The characters were brilliant and the plot was good. The spice was great.

I loved Valley. She was so confident in herself and knew what she wanted. She went for it and it paid off. Anyone would dream to have the confidence she has.

Riggs was brilliant. For his age, he certainly carried himself in the hottest way. I loved his attitude. He knew how to handle a strong character like Val. When she tried flirting and seducing him, his authority came through. He showed her that he was in charge.

I loved the spice between them. It was on fire. Even though there was a large age difference, it didn’t matter. They were perfect for one another and both knew what they wanted. They fell in love. I loved the plot with Valley coming to terms with Riggs request over the camming and her step-mum finding out about them both.

Overall, this was a brilliant quick read which I would definitely recommend. The characters were great and the spice was fantastic.

My rating: 5/5*

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