His Pretty Little Burden (Kids of The District Book 4) by Nicci Harris

This is the fourth book in the Kids of the District series, but it can be read without the previous books.

His Pretty Little Burden

Sweet little Fawn is the daughter of a boss in The District Cosa Nostra.

The daughter of the man who betrayed my family.

Not only is she a burden—barely eighteen, naïve, the epitome of a little deer in headlights-
But she is too damn pretty.

Too pretty to have clawed her way through life, merely surviving.

Too pretty to be so utterly vulnerable, alone, and asking for help from the deadliest man in the city—me.

Christ. She is too pretty to be walking my halls at midnight.

Too damn pretty. . . to not be mine.
My pretty little burden.

I absolutely loved this book. The characters are brilliant and I loved the story.

Fawn is a great character. She’s vulnerable and naive, but I loved seeing her thoughts and watching her slowly grow. She had been through so much that she was also brave and strong. She needed someone like Clay to treat her right. She deserved it.

Clay, my god, that man. I loved watching his progression and seeing his emotions develop. He was so cold to begin with and was using her, and then it progressed to a craving for her body. It took a little while, but I loved seeing his emotions grow. The end was perfect.

I loved the spice. I love Clays dominance. The connection between them was brilliant and it was no surprise that Fawn fell hard and fast. Nobody had ever treated her like that before. They had a clear spark from the beginning and it only got better when the emotions grew.

I enjoyed the storyline with what happened to Fawn blended with her father and Jimmy. The Mafia aspect is great.

It ends in a relatively HFN, although it would be impossible to not read the next book. I really want to know how things develop.

Overall, this book is brilliant. The characters are great and the plot of good. I would definitely recommend it.

My rating: 5/5*

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