The Anti-hero (The Goode Brothers) by Sara Cate

This is the first book in The Goode Brothers series which can be read as a standalone.

I’ve been good long enough.

As the eldest son of Austin’s most prominent preacher, I’ve lived my life on the virtuous side. No scandals. Flawless image. Clean reputation.

That’s the way it must be if I’m going to take his place someday.

But everything changes when I find out my father is a VIP member of a local kink club.

A liar. A cheater. A hypocrite.

Now, I’m done being righteous.

And when the club owner’s jaded girlfriend comes to me with a proposal, I can’t resist.

Sage is nothing like the women I’ve dated before. Pink hair, tattoos, piercings. I know it’ll burn my father’s reputation to the ground when she and I are seen together.

But our fake dating scheme isn’t enough. We need videos—dirty videos.

The more we film these scenes, the more I like it.

She wants me to degrade her, hurt her, violate her.

And God help me, I want it too.

But it’s hardly fake anymore, and before long I don’t recognize the Goode man I used to be.

This book was absolutely brilliant. My god, it was *chefs kiss*.

The characters and plot were fantastic. Sage was brilliant. She was a strong, down to earth, character, but she also had a vulnerability to her. She was the complete opposite to Adam, and yet they blended together perfectly.

Adam. Holy hell, that man and his mouth. I absolutely loved him. I loved everything about him. The spice between them was next level. I loved the tension when they tried to keep things fake. I wanted to bump their heads together and get them to both tell the truth. Things stopped being fake very quickly for them both, yet neither of them wanted to speak up. When they both gave in, the spice only got better. Phew, it was smoking hot. 🌶️

I loved the story regarding her ex and the club, and with his dad. It was engaging and well paced. There was so much more to this story. It was a touching journey of self discovery.

Both Sage and Adam found their true self by the end. Adam especially had a battle in his head over what he was told he had to be and who he really was. He struggled to see that his desires weren’t wrong. His journey truly was a marvel to read.

Everyone should rush to read this book. It was fantastic in every way and I’m looking forward to reading more about the other Goode brothers.

My rating: 5/5*

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