Power Shift (Twin Billionaires book 3) by M. T. Stone

This is the third book in the Twin Billionaires series.

The Mayhem Continues…

As things continue to spiral out of control, Trey has no choice but to hire some protection. Based on a referral from Jack Ryker, he hires the Alpha 9 for the job and they quickly go to work to stabilize the situation.

Able to move about without putting their lives at risk, Trey and Mandy are able to begin piecing together the clues in order to figure out what is really going on. Is Tommy responsible for everything that has been happening or is it Carly who is behind all of the mayhem. Was Vanessa an innocent victim, used by Tommy to manipulate Tyler or is she more deeply involved as well?

I really enjoyed this book. The storyline was good and the characters have been great.

Mandy and Trey are both brilliant, especially Trey in this book. The things he did for Mandy without even asking were beyond thoughtful. I loved watching their relationship grow and develop, and they are definitely suited to each other. In such a short amount of time, they really become one.

I loved reading what they both did for that man at the bus stop. It was a really nice touch.

I enjoyed the detective storyline. It was interesting to see how Trey and Mandy were trying to figure out who was screwing with them. I enjoyed seeong everything slowly come together. The Alpha 9 protection was a nice touch, and they really helped them in uncovering everything. I also liked the way it ended up although I think if an epilogue is needed, then include it in the book and not have it separate.

Overall, I really enjoyed this series. It had the right amount of romance to plot. The characters were great and the storyline was enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this series.

My rating: 5/5*

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