Bronson (Bachman Brotherhood) by Shanna Handel

This is the first book in the Bachman Brotherhood series, which is also a standalone novel.

I like nice things, but this time I’ve stolen from the wrong man.
He caught me red-handed, but he didn’t call the police.
He’s the kind of man who settles his own scores.
One stern look left me trembling… and then he took off his belt.

What should a big, bad man like me do with such a naughty little girl?
I only meant to teach her a lesson.
I didn’t plan to bring her into my world.
But now she’s mine… and I protect what’s mine.

This book was a quick easy read. It was ok. The characters were good and the storyline was ok. Everything was just ok.

Paige started as a good character, but then she just didn’t develop. It was the same with Bronson. Their relationship started well, and I liked the spark at the beginning. Then it just carried on in the same. I felt the characters lacked that extra bit of depth that I like to see. I did enjoy seeing their relationship grow, but I just couldn’t get as invested as I usually would.

The storyline was ok, although there didn’t seem to be much of one besides Bronson and Paiges relationship. We learn about the Bachman way which is very different, but that’s about it. Their treatment of women is different and a little old fashioned, but it worked between them.

It’s described as a mafia romance, but I didn’t feel there was much mafia aspect to it.

Overall, there’s not much I can really say about this book. It was an easy, quick read. Everything was ok, but it just lacked depth. I’d recommend it for a quick read, but I wouldn’t shout about it.

My rating: 3/5*

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