The Contract (The Contract series book 1) by Melanie Moreland

This is the first book in The Contract series.

A tyrant by day, a playboy by night. That is the reputation that precedes Richard VanRyan. He lives life the way he wants, no concern for the opinion of others. He cares for no one, is completely unrepentant, and he has no desire to change his ways.
Katharine Elliott works under Richard as his PA. She despises him and his questionable ethics, but endures all the garbage he sends her way, because she needs the job. Her end goal is far more important than the daily abuse and demands she tolerates from her nasty tyrant of a boss.
Until the day, he asks her for something she never expected. A new role with a personal contract— fiancée instead of PA.
What happens when two people who loathe each other, have to live together and act as though they are madly in love?
That’s what happens.
Can the power of love really change a person?
Will they survive the contract?
What do you do when the one person you hate the most becomes the one person you can’t live without?

I really liked reading this book. The characters are great and the storyline was great.

Richard was fantastic. He was such an arsehole at the start. Selfish and mean. But the more he got to know Katherine, the more he changed. I actually really liked him.

Katherine was also brilliant. She was willing to do anything for Penny, even marry that arsehole.

Their relationship developed brilliantly and I loved the spark between them. He changed around her, realising that it was ok to feel. I loved learning both of their back stories. It explained a lot about him especially.

The moment they both admitted their feelings for one another was brilliant.

I loved the Gavin family as well. They didn’t deserve to be lied to, and Richard realised it eventually. Watching Katy and Richard become real was brilliant.

Overall, this book had a brilliant character development. I loved the characters and storyline. I would definitely recommend it.

My rating: 5/5*

I also read the next book after. The Baby Clause: 2.0 (The Contract Series Book 2)

This book was only a short story so I’ll include my review here.

Richard VanRyan can add another line to his resume—Daddy.
How does he handle the new addition to his life?
The Baby Clause is a short continuation of Richard and Katy’s story, containing humorous glimpses into his life as a father, and how his world has changed.

I really enjoyed this. It was great to see Richards reaction and his devotion to his baby and Katy was fantastic. It was a complete contrast to the man we met at the beginning.

Him and Katy are just fantastic and the love between them is brilliant. Overall, this was a brilliant short story and I would recommend it because it adds on to the happily ever after from the first book.

I’m looking forward to reading the next book and intrigued as to how it will go because everything has ended on a good note.

My rating: 5/5*

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