A Dominant Salvation (A Dominant series Book 3) by Lena Black

This is the third and final book in A Dominant series.

When beautiful and strong-willed Gabrielle Hyde met the enigmatic and dominant Damian Hunt, gorgeous and confident, he was impossible to resist, no matter how much she tried. Like Elle, Hunt was tormented by his past, obsessed with controlling himself and her. He introduced her to a world of sex, travel, and power. And, in turn, she showed him everything he’d been missing, love, trust, and understanding. Though their road has had its share of bumps and detours, they’ve managed to fight whatever came their way.

The future seems bright and full of possibilities. But things aren’t always as they seem. With Dante lurking in the shadows and secrets still threatening to ruin everything they’ve worked for, will they remain bound to the chains of the past? Or will they finally find Salvation?

I loved reading this series. The characters were great and the storyline was great.

I loved watching Damian and Gabrielle’s relationship grow. They had their problems, but they got through them all. I loved how they adjusted to their new phase of life together while dealing with Dante.

Damian is brilliant. He did everything he could to protect her. I loved it when Gabrielle did the same back with all of his ex-subs. Ultimately, they ended up dealing with things together. A few surprises come to light in this book which I quite liked. Again, they both deal with it all.

The ending was great. Damian needed that shock to his system, and ultimately, Dante had an opportunity because of it. I liked the ending with him. He got what he deserved and it was quite nice the way it occurred.

The ending ending was brilliant. It was a great way to round up the story, and it was brilliant to see them both happy.

My only criticism was that the flashback scenes weren’t clearly labelled. It took a while to realise thst it was in the past when reading a few scenes.

Overall, I really enjoyed this series and I would definitely recommend it.

My rating: 5/5*

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