Craving The CEO by Iona Rose

This is a standalone novel.

I’d never had a one-night stand before and all I wanted to do was celebrate snagging my Interview at my anticipated new job, but he was cute on steroids. And then he went and smiled, and oh my, how much his parents must have spent on his teeth. He was downright edible.

I could be exaggerating though, I did have a little too much to drink. To cut the long story short, I went back to his hotel room… and it was a totally ah-mah-zing night.

Well, the rest is a bit sordid.

One night stands are supposed to be. You creep out, or he does. I stole the march on him and left before he opened those heavenly eyes. I filed the night away in my head under Fantastic Experiences.

When I was an old woman sitting on a rocking chair on my porch eating ice cream while my seven or even ten grand children played in the front yard, I would recall the night and tell me myself, “Blair, you scored well that night.”

Then I got ready for the Interview day at the new job I was celebrating. Thankfully I did get the job.

But now you must know where I’m going with this.

That’s right, that unforgettably gorgeous man I was going to be congratulating myself over when I was wrinkled and gray, he was my new boss!
And even without the alcohol he was climb-worthy, but I should add, he was what any reasonable woman would also call a boss-hole…

I really enjoyed this book. It was a nice easy read. The characters were great and I loved the storyline.

Blair is a great character. I love her wit and how she dealt with Grady and his moods. I loved Grady. He was a brilliant character. I loved the duel POV because it made you understand where they were both coming from.

I thought the way they met was great and I loved their reactions to finding out they were going to work together. Grady was an ass towards her and gave her a hard time, but the spark between them was hot. I loved watching their relationship develop once they both gave in to their desire.

I think the storyline with Gradys father and hers was good because ultimately, it’s what makes them admit their feelings for one another.

I loved seeing Grady realise that he loves her. The ending was great and I loved the epilogue.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it.

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