Arrogant Boss by Olivia Hayle

This is a standalone novel.

Julian Hunt is a legend. A tech billionaire and a playboy philanthropist.

He’s not someone you meet, not without a six-month wait. Except I did—and not in that sweet, meet-cute kind of way. I wish.

No, I manage to run head-first into Julian Hunt in a nightclub. It’s the spill-my-drink-over-his-suit kind of headfirst, the break-my-heel kind.

But the arrogant bastard doesn’t leave. No, he carries me to my car. He implies that I fell on purpose to catch his attention—how dare he!—and after I’ve chewed him out, he asks for my number.

I don’t expect to see him again. After all, lightning doesn’t strike twice. Except it does, when Julian’s involved. Because when I walk into a business negotiation the next day, who’s sitting on the other side?

Julian Hunt.

He’s wearing a smirk and a perfectly tailored suit, and he’s not there to play. He dominates. I walk out of the negotiation having—somehow!—been offered my dream job. It’s an offer far too sweet to refuse.

But if there’s one thing more intimidating than Julian Hunt at a nightclub, it’s Julian Hunt as a boss. A persistent, dominant, sexy-as-hell boss.

He might have decided that we’d be perfect together, but I won’t be tempted by his broad shoulders and wicked tongue.

Julian might be a hunter

But I refuse to become prey.

I really enjoyed reading this book. The characters were great and the storyline was good.

Emily was a great character. I loved how she looked after her brother, and I enjoyed seeing her fall for Julian.

Julian was brilliant. He was the perfect man and I loved watching him fall for Emily.

I loved the dual POV because it was great seeing things develop from both of their perspectives. It was enjoyable watching things bloom between them. They really were a perfect match. Emily was stupid to want to keep it a secret, but I could also see her point of view. I was glad that Julian told her how it was, because it ultimately brought them closer together.

I thought the ending was good, a nice and happy one. Overall, it was en enjoyable easy read. Their relationship was brilliant and I loved the characters. I would definitely recommend this book.

My rating: 5/5*

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