Tempted by the CEO by Iona Rose

This is a standalone novel.

Well, well, well, Brett O’Connell, the boss’s bad-tempered, brilliant, insufferable son is going to take over the business while his father recuperates in hospital.

Not sure how I feel about this actually.

The man is as sexy as sin obviously. I mean, don’t even get me started on that firm, neat butt of his. And there are enough sparks flying between us to set a whole forest on fire, but I don’t generally go for overbearing, difficult, growly men.

This man is all that and more.

So…what to do?

Burn a whole forest down or pour a bucket of ice into my bath water every night.

Kinda liking the forest idea better at the moment.

This was a good book with a good storyline and good characters.

I liked Opal. She was very down to earth. I liked her thoughts when it came to Brett. She couldn’t deny the spark and pull towards him, but she also considered the reality of it. Ultimately, the spark won.

I also liked Brett. He was very much the same. I enjoyed watching them grow closer to one another, and ultimately, I enjoyed the happy ending. They were definitely good together and I enjoyed reading the moments between them.

This book was a quick and easy read and I would recommend it. I just felt it lacked a little depth.

My rating: 4/5*

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