Storm’s Breath (Nullifier Book 1) by J.R Ford

Someone who didn’t know Pavel might mistake his heroic bravery for a death wish, and there’s no better place for either than the world’s first fully immersive game. Sure enough, the competitors are intimidating, and the monsters terrifying — though neither more so than blossoming friendships with two determined swordswomen.

Spurred by pure-hearted altruism alone, Pavel joins their quest to find the Storm’s Breath: an artifact that bestows magic powers — and real-world riches — upon the first player to find it. And with a ruthless mage on their heels, he’ll find plenty of opportunities for bravery.

This book was good, although I did start to struggle half way through. The characters and storyline were good.

Pavel was a good character although I did find him a little annoying at times. He wanted to be the hero and his heroism was tested at times. He was determined and it was interesting seeing him grow through the story. Just sometimes he annoyed me and i couldn’t even put my finger on why.

The world building was quite good. There was a good combination of human and non-humans. There was action and adventure and the other various characters were good.

I think the plot just took a little too long to get to the point for my liking. Sometimes I found myself wondering where I was being led to. It just felt a little slow at times which struggled to hold my interest.

Overall, it was a good role playing book which is a fun adventure. I think if you like role playing fantasy, you will enjoy this book.

My rating: 3/5*

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