Six MORE by James Crow

This is the third book in the Six series.

Emma Jane came into my life as a client – client number SIX
I opened her up to a whole new world of kinky pleasure.
She begged me to take it further and became my TOY
And then she became my wife – my insatiable wife.
Now, her birthday is coming up. What would I give my sex-mad wife?
The answer was simple. I’d give her more.
A whole lot MORE

I enjoyed reading this book. It was a hot, fun story covering Emma’s birthday.

Jonathon is the best. I’d say everyone needs a Jonathan, but I’m sure a lot of people couldn’t handle him. He wants to give his wife, Emma, everything, but he gets stuck for a birthday treat. Of course, Fiona saves the day.

Emma had grown massively through the series and it really does show here. She embraces everything Jonathan throws at her for her birthday getaway. She is definitely one lucky girl.

I absolutely love Suki and the relationship they both have with her. Whereas it’s probably unconventional to most people, it works with Emma and Jonathan and they’re lifestyle. I love how she went along with them both on their getaway. She’s a great character.

I love the relationship they both have. Emma embraced the lifestyle that Jonathan offered her, and together they are a strong pair. Their love is clear and stronger than ever.

The scenes were as hot as ever in this book. It was a brilliant read. Overall, this was a fun, hot book which I would definitely recommend.

My rating: 5/5*

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