Diamond in the Dark (Savage Jewels Book 1) by Poppy Jacobson

This is the first book in the Savage Jewels series which can be read as a standalone.

First they break me. Then they claim me. All I want is freedom from the world I left.

When my sister called me, panicked because her surprise pregnancy violated the terms of her soon-to-be-arranged marriage, I took her place in a Faustian bargain with the three men who’d intended to buy her.

My new partners are violent and uncompromising men who threaten everything I’ve built over the past decade. Will I find a way to stand before them as an equal? Or will they drive me straight into the danger I so desperately tried to escape?

I really enjoyed this book. The characters were great and the plot was good.

I loved the story. Ginevra sells herself to save her sister and fully dives back in to the mafia life. She asserts herself among the men. She was such a strong, brave character.

I loved the three men. Rian, Liam and Cormac are all fantastic. I loved their relationship with Ginevra and also with each other. They are harsh to her at the beginning, trying to break her like they planned, but she is strong. She fights back and proves that she deserves more.

I loved watching them realise her strength. They eventually admire it. The scenes between them are all brilliant and very steamy. I loved the dynamic and her submission to them in the bedroom. I also loved how the boys focused on each other as well.

The story is also full of action and I loved how things progressed. After everything that Ginevra went through, the ending was great.

I would definitely recommend this book. The storyline and characters are great.

My rating: 5/5*

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