Annihilate Him (Complete Vols. 1-3, The Annihilate Him Series) by Christina Ross

This is the boxset of all three books in the Annihilate Him Series.

Love is tested. Lives are claimed. Nothing is certain. In a flash, one can lose it all.

But what happens to those who are left behind?

Jennifer Wenn and her husband, Alex, must face just that when a crisis first takes hold of Wenn Enterprises—and then when a second, wholly unexpected crisis throws everything into turmoil. Is love enough to see Jennifer, Alex, Tank, Lisa, and Blackwell’s two daughters through one of the most terrifying events of their lives?

As this this harrowing love story and adventure unfolds, the suspense deepens, people rise up, enemies dig in, secrets are exposed, love burns hard—and a white-hot war takes place that will rattle Wenn Enterprises to its core.

This series was a roller-coaster of a ride, but I absolutely loved it.

After reading the Annihilate Me series, you already love and know Alex and Jennifer. They just became even better in this series. Jennifer was the same sassy character, but if anything, she became stronger. She knew how to handle Alex’s lifestyle with all those rich people better. Alex is just brilliant. I absolutely love him. Their marriage is so strong that it’s just brilliant.

The storyline jumps straight in. Everything starts going wrong right from the start, and the. As the books progress, they just get worse. Alex and Jennifer dealt with everything brilliantly.

The crash and the island were a great read on top of the already present problems that Wenn was having. They dealt with everything brilliantly.

God, Stephen Rowe was an ass. He took some low blows while they were lost on that island. He didn’t waste anytime in kicking Alex out.

I loved how Alex and Jennifer dealt with everything. They were clever about it, and in the end it paid off, even with everything they were dealing with personally.

Overall, I absolutely loved this series. It expanded on the Annihilate Me series well. Alex and Jennifer have been brilliant characters and the storyline was great and exciting. I would definitely recommend this series.

My rating: 5/5*

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