Enslaved (The Devil & His Dove Book 1) by Jax Hart

This is the first book in The Devil and His Dove series.

My mother warned me about men like him. She also told me looks can be deceiving. Sure when I first saw him I thought he was just another gorgeous jerk cruising the Med on his mega-yacht. But he was so much more. He drew me into his world of pleasure and enslaved me before I could even ask for a safe word. I was a victim to his skilled seduction. All I wanted was him, nothing else mattered. I knew I had to escape before I completely succumbed to his every deep desire and lost every last piece of who I was.

I plotted. Waited. Executed. It was all a trap to catch her. The beauty of it was she thought she was coming to work on my yacht. She would work…in my master stateroom and on her knees. I wanted to break this beauty, make her beg and plead for me. But who trapped who? How did this woman turn it around and enslave me?

They call me “El Diablo” and Jessie Montgomery is about to find out exactly why. I stop at nothing to get what I want. No price is too high… no boundaries bind me. In my world, there are no safe words and nowhere to run where I won’t capture little birds trying to flee their masters.

I enjoyed reading this book. Jessie and Christos were great characters and the story was good and developed at a good pace. It was a very dark romance though.

Jessie is a great character. She’s strong willed. She defys him whenever she can until she started to understand him. I don’t blame her for running at the end though. He went too far. Way way too far.

Christos is a brilliant, complex character. He’s dark, heartless, ruthless, but there’s more too him underneath. Jessie brings the best of him out. He learns to feel because of her. His actions at the end were unnecessary and way too far. She done right by leaving him. I think he needs the time to think about things. I really hope that he listens to her in the next book, and I damn well hope he apologises for his disposable actions.

The storyline was good. Their relationship built up well before crumbling at the end. His world is very dark though and his dominant nature is pretty hefty. It wasn’t in Jessie’s nature to enter his world, but their became more. There’s far more to him that meets the eye and he’s a very complex character. I’m looking forward to seeing how things develop in the next book

I would definitely recommend this book.

My rating: 5/5*

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