Entwined (The Devil and His Dove Book 3) by Jax Hart

This is the third and final book in The Devil and His Dove series.

She changed me.
I’m no longer a dark, broken man but the sins of my past haunt me.
I destroyed lives while breaking countless woman who thought they could reach my black heart.
They all failed.
All but one.
But I’m not a man worthy of my dove. Not yet anyway. But I vow I will be someday. I hope she’ll still fly for me then.

It’s all I’ve ever wanted.
I know we can fly together.
He left me, a broken shell of who I was. But who I am now is perhaps who– I was always destined to be. I see that clearly. I know deep in my heart–Christos and I belong together forever. His handsome face is on the cover of every magazine. The internet is full of pictures of him giving his millions away to countless children’s charities. My dark one is now the golden one, and I won’t let him leave me behind.
He won’t shine for anyone but me.
I gave him light.
I deserve his bright future.
But first I need to prove to him just how strong I’ve become. Together we can rule the world, chart our own course and soar higher than the stars.

I absolutely loved reading this series. The characters are fantastic and the storyline was great.

It was great to see Jessie and Christos work towards their own goals. They both needed it. Jessie made a life for herself, even though she couldn’t forget him. Christos made himself a better person, doing so much good in the world, and all for her. They both ached for one another.

I wanted to see them come back together. I would have liked them to find each other sooner, but I also think that the pace it went at was right. It made it all the better. He hurt her deeply in more ways than one. The journey to them finding each other was brilliant.

When they finally found each other, I loved how she made him work for it. They both needed to know that their love was real, and it was. The end result was brilliant to read. It was definitely a happy ending.

I would definitely recommend this series. It was written so brilliantly that you felt the feels reading it. It was a journey between these two characters. Both of them found themselves as much as they found each other.

My rating: 5/5*

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