Bait by Jade West

This is a standalone.

A stranger online. Dark hair and even darker eyes that knew my dirty desires before I did.
A fantasy that should never be spoken. But he pulled the confession from me.
And now he’s coming for me.
Rough. Dirty. Dangerous.
It’s supposed to be one night to get me off and make me forget.
He’ll make me his and I’ll pretend I don’t want him to.
I’ll run and he’ll chase.
Because I asked him for this.
I begged him for this.

Tonight, in the darkness, he’s the hunter.
And I’m the bait.

I really enjoyed reading this book. The characters were brilliant, the plot was good and there were some hot scenes.

The premise may have been a little wrong with what Abigail asked for. Asking a stranger online to basically jump you and hunt you clearly is a little messed up, and yet it was so good to read. For her to get to that point shows how badly she got hurt in the past.

Leo clearly had his problems to agree to it. He craved the hunt and he really did take things to a new level with his stalking. Yet, I loved him. As the book went on, you learn about what happened and they grow close to each other. In the end, I absolutely loved these characters and I really felt for them. The scenes between them were on fire, the spark clearly there, even when they didn’t know each other. I loved seeing them grow their relationship into something real.

The ending was good where everything gradually came together to give them the happy ending they deserved.

This book was dirty and wrong and yet so good to read. The characters were brilliant and you eventually understood them. Overall, I loved reading this book and I would definitely recommend it.

My rating: 5/5*

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