Access (The Alex Drake Series Book 1) by Lexxi James

This is the first book in the Alex Drake series.

When seclusive billionaire Alex Drake sets his sights on Madison, obsession takes over.
Unlocking his world was easy.
Seducing her was inevitable.
But securing her heart might be impossible.
He’s ready to give in to her every desire except for one.
The only thing she wants.
An answer.
To a tiny question.
Why her?

This was a quick enjoyable read. The story was good and the characters were good.

I liked Madison. She’s a very down to earth character with her bad luck and thoughts at the beginning of the book. You can’t blame her for falling into Alex’s lure when he made it so hard not to.

I liked Alex. He’s great and so very sweet. I am wondering what his secret is though. You can guess that it has something to do with a promise and probably related to her brother. He made it impossible for Madison to deny him, being incredibly thoughtful and spoiling her. He does sweep in and change things for her very quickly though, but hey, he does also seem like a good catch. I don’t blame Madison for giving him the 30 days and going along with it.

My only comment would be that I prefer book written in first-person POV. I think it would have elevated the characters and given you a stronger connection to them. That’s a personal preference though.

The story was still good and the characters were great. It was a enjoyable quick read and I am looking forward to reading the next book. I would definitely recommend it.

My rating: 4/5*

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