Burned (The Alex Drake Series Book 3) by Lexxi James

This is the third book in the Alex Drake series.

A billionaire’s routine day at the office…

Make hundred million dollar deals.


Stake a claim on Madison Taylor and Manhattan with a quick seduction from the luxury of your fifty-second floor office. 

Check and check.

Discover an ex-operative is making the moves on your girl to lure her into a dangerous spy-game involving a certain three-letter agency.


It’s just another day where Alex Drake has a hard decision to make.

Snuff out the flame … or give in to the heat?

I enjoyed reading this book. It led on from the others well with a good story and great characters.

I love Alex and Madison. It’s good to see how their relationship has progressed, especially with their engagement. Alex is such a catch, willing to do anything for her. I love how she doesn’t rely on him though.

The storyline is good with finding out more about Jack and what happened. Jordan Stone coming into the story made things interesting, and yet, there are still a few unanswered questions. It was a great ending with Jacks service being recognised and I was so happy to see Paco get acknowledged too. I do love his character and his relationship with both Alex and Madison.

Once again, I just prefer books written in first POV because I feel it gives you a more personal connection with the characters.

The story and characters are still good and I would recommend this book. It was an enjoyable quick read.

My rating: 4/5*

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