The Dealer (Sunsets Club Book 1) by A.N. Stauber

After matching with billionaire casino owner, Becker King, at the local sex club, Nora Williams learns that he just may be the key to dealing with her Sensory Processing Disorder.

Nora loves to beg her Sir for attention, and Becker loves praising his good little kitten.

This was a great novella to read. The characters were great and I enjoyed the story.

Nora was a great character and I liked learning about her Sensory Processing Disorder and how she dealt with it.

Becker was brilliant and I loved how he understood her. They came from different backgrounds, and yet it didn’t matter. He wanted to treat her and yet she didn’t want to rely on him. They found a good middle ground together.

I loved reading their journey and watching their relationship grow. The scenes were hot and I loved their dynamic.

Overall, this was a great, enjoyable, quick read and I would definitely recommend it.

My rating: 5/5*

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