Bound By Ivy (Ivy Lessons Series 3) by SK Quinn

This is the third book in the Ivy Lessons series.

An older man younger woman romance simmers between a strict teacher and his young pupil … but will forbidden love last?

When drama student, Sophia Rose, falls for her teacher – the dark and brooding Hollywood star, Marc Blackwell, she has no idea where their older man younger woman taboo romance will end. 

Drawn into Marc’s shadowy world of strict discipline and control, Sophia awakens a secret erotic self she never knew existed – and finds herself deeply, obsessively in love.

Now Marc wants Sophia to be his forever. But Sophia can’t commit to marriage without her family’s approval, and her father doesn’t trust Marc – yet. 

Sophia’s father says he will only approve of the marriage if Marc and Sophia can pass the ultimate test. Three months apart.
 Can Sophia and Marc’s May to December romance stand the separation? Or will Marc’s jealousy and Sophia’s friendship with co-star, Leo Falkirik, drive them apart?

I loved reading this book. The characters were great and I enjoyed the story.

I love how Marcs and Sofia’s relationship has grown and developed. It’s been great watching his falls cone down and to let Sofia in. His love for her is endearing.

I feel that Sofia’s dad was a little harsh. He took out his heartbreak on them which was unfair, especially considering which day it was when he gave them the ultimatum.

They found it hard, but I think it strengthened their relationship. They knew that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together by the time the three months ended.

Even in those months, Marc was there for her in every way. I loved how he tried to be there without breaking any of her dads rules.

The story was good with the threats that Sofia faced. Marc proved that he would do anything to save her.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I would definitely recommend it.

My rating: 5/5*

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