Ivy and Roses (Ivy Lessons Book 5) by SK Quinn

This is the fifth book in the Ivy Lessons series.

An older man, younger woman romance simmers between a strict teacher and his young pupil … and a husband must be obeyed …

With a beautiful new baby to love, Sophia’s life should be complete. 
But Marc’s need to protect his family is as strong as ever, and soon Sophia feels stifled.

Against Marc’s wishes, Sophia accepts a steamy new movie role, starring opposite well-known lady’s man, Benjamin Van Rosen.

Furious that Sophia would ignore his advice, Marc insists on being in the movie too.
The movie company can hardly refuse Marc Blackwell – one of Hollywood’s most respected stars, and a man who is known for being both sought-after and highly selective.

At first, Sophia is angry that Marc is so controlling. But when she realises Marc will play the teacher to her student, she admits to being curious.

Soon, obsession, love and their older man younger woman taboo romance become intertwined, as Marc and Sophia play out their forbidden romance – both on and off camera.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I love the characters and the story is good.

I love Marc and Sofia. I’ve loved watching their relationship grow and develop. It’s been great seeing them adjust to having a baby.

The storyline was great and there was lots of drama in this one. Sofia is unsettled and restless while Marc is as controlling and protective as ever. Naturally he doesn’t want Sofia staring in the new film so he gets a part himself.

It was good seeing them practice scenes together. He taught her while the plot also followed their own life a bit.

There was drama with one of his ex things plus drama between Jen and Leo. Sofia questions her life and choices, but everything eventually works out.

I’ve loved reading this series and seeing Sofia and Marcs journey together. Their relationship has been great and this book ended well. I would definitely recommend this series as the story is great, even though it could probably do with another round of edits. I think the plot and characters are good enough that it didn’t bother me at all.

My rating: 5/5*

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