Filthy Rich Vampire (Filthy Rich Vampires Book 1) by Geneva Lee

This is the first book in the Filthy Rich Vampires series.

Julian Rousseaux has a problem. He’s single, and for the world’s wealthiest vampires, the social season is about to begin. Julian would rather stake himself than participate in the marriage market. But as the eldest, eligible Rousseaux he’s expected to find a wife before the season ends—whether he likes it or not.

When cellist Thea literally stumbles into his life at a gala, he knows she’s the last person he could ever fall in love with. She’s too innocent, too kind, and way too human. But now that she knows about his world, she’s also a walking target. She needs protection. He needs a fake girlfriend to discourage overzealous vampire matchmaking.

So, Julian makes Thea an irresistible offer: pretend to be his lover and he’ll change her life. For one year, they’ll attend the season’s social events together in exchange for his protection and a way out of her mother’s crippling medical debt.

She can’t say no. But the vampire world is impossibly decadent and darker than Thea ever imagined, and Julian’s filthy rich vampire family wants her out of the way. But with each moment they share, new dangers emerge: a desire as forbidden as their stolen touches, an awakening of a long-dead heart, and secrets that could tear them both apart.

I absolutely loved reading this book. The characters were fantastic and I loved the story.

I love Julian, but I am so mad at him after the ending. He is such a gentleman. He’s almost perfect. I love Thea as well. She’s strong enough to deal with everything and she does try to put him in his place. I love her character. Julian and Thea are fantastic together. I’ve loved watching them grow and seeing their relationship develop. And then the end happened. God, I am so mad.

The plot is brilliant. Julian is using her to get out of the Rites and Thea is happy to go alone with it. It becomes real though. They belong together. I love the spark between them and I just wish that they would go the except step.

I love how vampires are in this. It’s a different spin and yet it keeps to what we know. It been brilliant to read.

I am so angry with Julian after the ending though. This was a painful cliffhanger. I can’t wait to read the next book. I swear, if Julian doesn’t get his shit together…

Actually, I’m mad at his mum. God, she sucks. He better fix his mess in the next book.

Overall, this book was brilliant. I would definitely recommend it.

My rating: 5/5*

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