Explicitly Owned (Explicit Doms Book 1)

Explicitly Owned (Explicit Doms Book 1) is out today!!


Desperation drives you to do crazy things. Like standing on a stage selling yourself in a sex club.
I needed the money, but being at the mercy of a Dom was nothing like I expected.
He made me feel alive, bringing me into this new lifestyle.
I didn’t expect to develop feelings. Maybe things would finally work out right.
Except nothing is ever what it seems.

I wanted her the moment that I laid eyes on her. I needed a change and she was the perfect opportunity.
I wasn’t ready for sparks to fly, but the moment that they did, I knew that I couldn’t let her go.
I had to have her. To own her. To damn well worship her.
Maybe change could be a good thing.
Maybe all I needed was a proper submissive.
I wouldn’t know unless I started walking down this path.
I just had to navigate the obstacles in my way in order to get what I wanted, especially when the one girl that I felt a connection to was being threatened..

Each book is a standalone novel featuring the Doms of Club Explicit.

Warning: Recommended for readers 18+. This fast burn romance features graphic language, sex, and features various BDSM activities.

✔Dom/sub dynamic
✔Sex club
✔Duel POV

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