Loving Whiskey (Falling For Whiskey Book 2) Brittanee Nicole

This is the second book in the Falling For Whiskey duet.

All it took was one shot of whiskey to let myself burn.

Cash told me loving him wasn’t a risk. He promised we would dance in the moonlight.
He swore he was nothing like the ones who broke my heart.

And he was right. He was so much worse.

But what do you do with an addiction you can’t kick?

Drink in the shadows, take shots in the dark,
and savor the buzz knowing the next morning won’t be worth it.
Because it’s not enough.

Nothing is ever enough when the person you hate is also the one you love.

I absolutely loved this series. This book was a brilliant ending with Cash and Grace.

Cash is the best, but I was mad with him at the start after the end of the last book. He is such a romantic and he worshipped the ground that Grace walked on and I loved it.

Grace had every right to be mad at him but she did make it hard work for him to make it up to her. I loved her character. She was strong and independent, but she didn’t lean on him enough when he was right there giving her the world.

I found it hard reading the beginning. I felt the feels at times. I loved them together and seeing them apart was horrible. However, watching Cash earn her forgiveness and watching her learn to trust him again was great. I loved seeing their relationship really grow into something stronger than what they had before. He wooed her properly this time.

They had a communication problem which is what caused every mess they encountered. Even at the end, if they were just honest and open, it probably wouldn’t have gone how it went.

I loved them together though and loved seeing them grow close. I liked how he gave her the world and everything she could ever want, and then watching her learn to lean on him. Cash is a dream man for sure. The spice between them was brilliant and the ending was perfect.

I also loved seeing more of his family, especially Cat. I’m intrigued about what is going on between her and Jonathan, and about who Chase’s mother is. It’s been left open enough to make you want to read the next book without leaving too many gaps in Cash and Graces story.

Overall, this series was fantastic and I would definitely recommend it.

My rating: 5/5*

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