Deviant Desires

Deviant Desires Anthology is out now!!

Grab your copy now to read An Explicit Price Novella exclusively in this collection.


I never expected to find my quiet neighbour standing on my doorstep covered in blood and begging me for help. 
How could I refuse her when those blue eyes looked so scared? The fear only made her more attractive. I knew that I wasn’t a good man, so I saw an opportunity and I took it. 
A small price for clearing up her mess.
She was mine for the next three months, at my service to do whatever I wished.


It was only a matter of time before I snapped. The blood, the mess, the body. I didn’t know what to do.
Go to the cops or the dangerous man next door. Be his toy or go to jail. It was an easy choice.
I thought I picked the lesser evil, but maybe I was wrong.
It turns out that Zayn lives up to his reputation, and now I’m completely at his service. 
Maybe there’s a heart in there somewhere, or is his soul completely blackened? 
I was soon going to find out.

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There are no heroes, just handsome villains with a purpose. If your tastes run to the dark side, if you like your characters with shadows on their souls and wicked grins on their faces, Deviant Desires is the book for you.

Within its confines you will find mercenaries, devils, CEOs seeking revenge, twisted academies, and so much more.

So come take a look inside and satisfy your most twisted fantasies.

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