Surrender To Me (The Wolf Hotel Book 4) by K.A. Tucker

This is the fourth and final book in The Wolf Hotel series.

I have battled my controlling family and won. I finally have what I want most—the wickedly sinful billionaire Henry Wolf, committed to me and within arm’s reach most nights.
If only it could stay that way.
Because now I find myself caught between two titans vying for the Wolf empire, worth enough to make any moral man lethal. And Henry’s brother is immoral to the bone.
What will Henry do to save what he loves?
And will I fall into that category?

I have loved reading this series. The characters are great and the story was good.

I love Henry. He’s such a charming man and his love to Abi was so sweet. He went through a lot in this book and I loved that Abi was there for him the entire time. I loved seeing him fall in love with her.

Abi grew so much throughout the series. She became a confident woman who stood up to everyone who told her otherwise. I love how she made her family realise that she loved Henry and that he was a good man. It was good to finally see her mum accept him.

The story was good. A lot happened with his father, Scott and then the mine, but the plot still focussed heavily on their relationship and how the events affected that. I like it.

I loved the scenes between Henry and Abi, but I loved how Henry also wanted Abi to experience everything she wanted. Margo became a great friend and I liked her character. She grew on me and the story progressed.

After everything, I loved seeing him propose and them commit to one another solely. I just wish we could have had an epilogue of the wedding or the future.

Overall, I have loved reading this series and would definitely recommend it.

My rating: 5/5*

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