Highest Bidder (Salacious Players’ Club) by Sara Cate

This is the 5th book in the Salacious Players’ Club series which can be read as a standalone.

He’s not just rich…he’s filthy rich.

When I started working at Salacious Players’ Club, I never expected to end up on the auction block ready to grant a date to the highest bidder.

This club is not really my scene. I’m not the kind of girl rich guys take home. I’m more a piano playing, van-living, free spirit kind of girl.

So when Ronan Kade, the richest man at the club, puts down over a hundred grand for my time, how can I tell him no?

But he’s too old. Too rich. Too cocky.

And oh yeah…he once dated my mother.

Except he doesn’t know that. He has no idea who I am.

One date turns into a trip to Paris. And an offer to live with him in his penthouse. Then a promise to take care of me.

Before I know it, I’m calling this silver fox my daddy.

Ronan Kade only bid on one date, but I think he’s winning much more than that.

Can we overcome the years between us to find happiness?

And will he find it in him to forgive me when he learns the secret I’ve been keeping?

This book was everything and more. It was absolute perfection and the best one of the series yet.

And Wander on the cover is absolutely perfect as well. He fits Ronan to a tee.

Ronan Kade.

Daddy Ronan. Holy shit, where do we find one? He was perfect. I absolutely loved it. I loved his dominance and his need to care for Daisy. I loved the fact that he was a pleasure Dom and it suited him perfectly.

Daisy was a good character. I loved her story and how she ended up at the club. The way she ended up with Ronan was brilliant.

They both click instantly. I loved the connection between them both and I enjoyed watching him teach and guide her. The way he cared about her was so sweet. Ronan wears his heart on his sleeve and I loved watching them fall in love. They were meant to be.

The Daddy kink was done well given the large age gap between them. It didn’t feel forced.

The scenes between them were on fire. I loved the spice. Daddy Ronan, Christ, I’d let him have his way with me 🥵

I loved that we got to see more of Eden and Geo. It was nice to see more depth to them and I’m looking forward to Madame’s book next.

Ronan was always going to find out the truth. I got that it was hard for Daisy to tell him after the way he was treating her, but he also needed to know. I was upset at his reaction, but it was also understandable. The characters are so good that you really feel the emotions with what they’re going through.

The ending was brilliant. I loved how things turned out and it was fantastic to see Ronan and Daisy getting their happy ending. They were meant to be.

Overall, this book is absolutely fantastic. It’s my favourite of the series so far because Daddy Ronan is perfection.

I would definitely recommend it.

My rating: 5/5*

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