Bound By Shadows (The Wielders book 1)


Bound By Shadows

The Wielders are there to protect us. They serve the Kingdom and the Royal Family.

I never expected magic to awaken within me, to become one of them. Not just any Wielder, but a Shadow Wielder.

The same magic which flows through me, flows through the Crowned Prince, Roland Artemis. It’s down to us to give this Kingdom salvation from The Darkness and its brutal attacks.

How can I possibly focus on developing my wielding skills when the Prince is looking at me so intently? It would be so easy to lose myself in those blue eyes.

Maybe we share more between us than just our magic, like some deeper connection. Shadow Wielded Magic is the only type that can be channelled and shared after all. Maybe there’s a reason for that.

I needed to be careful, because the Kingdom and its people won’t be the only thing that I needed to protect. My heart may be on the line as well.

Release date – 5th May!
Available for pre-order now

✔MF Dark fantasy romance
✔Virgin heroine
✔Royal Prince Hero
✔Duel POV

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