Wicked Men Anthology


Handcuffs, leather and blindfolds. ✓

Hair pulling, lip biting and begging. 

Dirty encounters and New Positions ✓✓

All adult games are designed to set your senses on fire.

These erotic tales just might teach you a thing or two.

So grab a drink, settle in and come play with us!

Authors in this Collection:

Reba Bale

Dilana Rose

Aila Glass

Jess Peters

Susan Horsnell

C L Easton

Anna G Berry

E.S. McMillan

Chelle Walker

Ashley Amy

Ella Morcock

Cedar Rose

Chaz Titi

An Explicit Price

This is a Explicit Doms series novella which is exclusive to this anthology!


I never expected to find my quiet neighbour standing on my doorstep covered in blood and begging me for help. 
How could I refuse her when those blue eyes looked so scared? The fear only made her more attractive. I knew that I wasn’t a good man, so I saw an opportunity and I took it. 
A small price for clearing up her mess.
She was mine for the next three months, at my service to do whatever I wished.


It was only a matter of time before I snapped. The blood, the mess, the body. I didn’t know what to do.
Go to the cops or the dangerous man next door. Be his toy or go to jail. It was an easy choice.
I thought I picked the lesser evil, but maybe I was wrong.
It turns out that Zayn lives up to his reputation, and now I’m completely at his service. 
Maybe there’s a heart in there somewhere, or is his soul completely blackened? 
I was soon going to find out.

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